Form and function in two dimensions: I compose elements into a cohesive, clear design to communicate my message. My designs make use of good graphic design principles in works such as scientific presentations, promotional brochures, and apparel.

UC Irvine Outreach Clinics brand identity & logo

A group of students, along with myself as Publicity Chair, founded the UC Irvine Outreach Clinics in 2008 to bring free healthcare to underserved, uninsured patients in Orange County. This was a massive undertaking, and our services included blood lab analyses, primary care check-ups, a stocked pharmacy with free medications, and referral services. The clinic later expanded to include opthalmology and psychiatry services. We were the first such student group to offer this at the University of California, Irvine, with support from the university and the School of Medicine and School of Nursing.

I created the brand identity in Adobe Illustrator, using paintbrushes to emphasize the art and compassion of medicine, and softening the stick-person into more fluid shapes. I wanted them to appear victorious, holding up a heart — since it reminded me of the passion and energy that drives my friends (especially in the PRIME-LC program for the Latino Community) to work with underserved, underprivileged patients. read more→

Resonance business cards

My dilemma: how do I introduce myself when there are so few quirky people who are practicing medicine, writing code, and creating graphic designs? I put a hint of scientific geekery in the form of a benzene ring (which, in organic chemistry, is taught as the quintessential molecule employing resonance as its stability) to also put forth my philosophy of bringing elements together in harmony. And, a little technical geekery in the form of a QR code, although I gotta say, so many people have them on their business card now that I should probably get some NFC cards instead! read more→

Tellme university recruiting

I photographed and designed a unique brochure in the form of postcards strung along a bright orange Tellme-branded keychain. Each postcard featured stories of individual employees and why university students should work for Tellme. Concept and management by Liz Ditty. :)

Tellme holiday party

Created invitation, logo, and website registration for an internal Tellme Holiday Party.

  • Client: Tellme Networks

Windsor Preschool Academy

Created logo for Windsor Preschool Academy, a new school in the Silicon Valley.

  • Created in: Adobe Illustrator
  • Finished: July 2008

car-cdr T-shirt

Everyone loves urban-looking blotchy T-shirts, so to appeal to those who would normally by Abercrombie's $25+ T-shirts, I designed this for them. Created in Illustrator, with Don Hertzfeldt-inspired characters. A lot have been already sold. You can purchase a T-shirt from Upsilon Pi Epsilon. Greg Krimer, a friend, penned the tagline as an instructor teaching Scheme to Berkeley undergraduates. Carolen is my model here. :)

Academic Centers peer advising T-shirt

We needed some (better) eye-catching T-shirts for this year, so I opted for a retro-like style aided by the Engravers MT typeface and a pastel background. The icon within the hexagon was rendered in Maya Vector using an orthogonal camera, and butchered in Illustrator.

  • Commission for the Academic Centers
  • Tool: Illustrator, Maya
  • Completed: A few days
  • Duration: Mid-July 2004


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