Steven Chan is a resident physician at the University of California, Davis in psychiatry. He's engaged in health, technology, & design.
7 Oct 2005 • 1:32am

Academic Centers

Maintaining the Academics Center website was one of my university jobs. I oversaw the redesign of this website in 2003, creating site maps, sketching possible web designs, and then finally created the entire look of the website in HTML. Over the winter for about 50 to 60 hours, I completely redesigned their pages; it went live in January 2003, and received much acclaim from supervisors and students alike. However, the number of HTML pages has climbed past the 300 mark. read more→

Notebran lecture browser

The Notebran lecture browser used pen input to capture peoples' notes in sync with a real live lecture. I was heavily involved throughout the entire user-centered design cycle: creating low-fi paper prototypes and high-fi interactive prototypes on computer, as well as extensive user testing, post-test analysis, and heuristic evaluations. For the high-fidelity prototype, I primarily focused on creating a working yet unobstrusive discussion panel to allow students to interact with the teaching assistants and each other. read more→

7 Oct 2005 • 12:14am

Computer Graphics Group at Berkeley

I revamped the Graphics Group's website for UC Berkeley's Computer Science department. This was done completely in CSS and XHTML, hand-coded in Emacs, and I took great pains to make sure that it was W3C-validated and had a completely flexible layout for users with large monitors. It uses a very lightweight PHP templating system — not as elaborate as Smarty, but uses many include() tags so that it would provide some flexibility in the coding.

  • Volunteer website for UC Berkeley
  • Completed: Summer 2003


Sifter cover

This is a cover image to accompany the paper my computational biology research group is publishing through Public Library of Science's Computational Biology journal. read more→

Academic Centers 2005 brochure

A brochure to promote UC Berkeley's Academic Centers services. I created the whole design package, except for the photography.

  • Work-related Design
  • Tool: Photoshop
  • Completed: June 2005
  • Duration: A couple of weeks, off and on


Academic Centers T-shirt 2005

Although we ultimately went with another (more plain) design, a lot of work was put into making this logo more dynamic and abstract-retro, like a lot of popular T-shirts seen around in Berkeley.

  • Work-related Design
  • Tool: Illustrator
  • Completed: June 2005
  • Duration: A few weeks (off and on)


Introns project poster

This is my first university-level biological sciences poster. The poster represented the final project's results, with my project partner Matt Fujita, for MCB 146/246 (Topics in Computational Biology).

  • MCB 146 Computational Biology project
  • Tool: Illustrator
  • Completed: May 2005
  • Duration: About a day


Academic Centers annual report cover 2003

For the background, I exported the Cal logo from Illustrator into Lightwave and did some extreme fiddling with the camera, surfaces, and fog to get the zoom-in effect just right. This 3D rendering was composited in Illustrator. (June 2003)

Academic Centers peer advising T-shirt

We needed some (better) eye-catching T-shirts for this year, so I opted for a retro-like style aided by the Engravers MT typeface and a pastel background. The icon within the hexagon was rendered in Maya Vector using an orthogonal camera, and butchered in Illustrator.

  • Commission for the Academic Centers
  • Tool: Illustrator, Maya
  • Completed: A few days
  • Duration: Mid-July 2004


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