Steven Chan is a resident physician at the University of California, Davis in psychiatry. He's engaged in health, technology, & design.

Tellme corporate demo

We delivered a major corporate presentation in the form of a 4-minute animation short demonstrating all Tellme can do with their incredible voice platform. Created with Clive Liew, Scott Strain, Dug Nichols, Emrys Kim, Sarah Caplener, Mike Vasquez, Jeff Hofmann.

  • Created in Flash, Blender, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools.
  • Completion time: Several intense weeks.

Tellme university recruiting

I photographed and designed a unique brochure in the form of postcards strung along a bright orange Tellme-branded keychain. Each postcard featured stories of individual employees and why university students should work for Tellme. Concept and management by Liz Ditty. :)

Tellme holiday party

Created invitation, logo, and website registration for an internal Tellme Holiday Party.

  • Client: Tellme Networks

Windsor Preschool Academy

Created logo for Windsor Preschool Academy, a new school in the Silicon Valley.

  • Created in: Adobe Illustrator
  • Finished: July 2008

Image is Everything

Public transit — especially in Santa Clara County — suffers a very negative image because it's billed as a form of transportation for the disabled, the impaired, the poor, or the senior who gave up driving. It's billed as difficult to use. It's billed as “ghetto” and unsavory. Though there are lots and lots of factors that make transit very unattractive, let's focus on one thing: does it look sexy? read more→

I graduated!

Last month, I walked across two stages and turned my tassel twice. My family — all of whom have supported me throughout the past five years — were there. My friends — who have studied, sweated, toiled, programmed computers, and dissected animals with me — all were present.

We're done! read more→

Graduation Ceremonies!

I finally get to walk at not one, but two (two! 2!!!) ceremonies. As you can see, I am quite excited.

I have lots of tickets leftover, so post a comment here if you'd like me to get you one. :)

  • Molecular Cell Biology: Friday, May 19, 2006, 7:00pm at Greek Theatre
  • Computer Science:
    Sunday, May 21, 2006, 2:00pm at Zellerbach Auditorium

Getting back into gaming

I've been playing games a little bit more lately, not just because they're fun, but because I suck at it. I should've realized this a long time ago when my own sister beat me at Bomberman, but it hasn't quite sunken in until I saw my co-worker cleanly slice through Geometry Wars, a space arcade game, on the new Xbox 360 at work.

Oh, and half a year ago, my sweetie thrashed me soundly on Puzzle Fighter.

Maybe I'm missing something. Is it because everyone else has better visual reaction times? I don't drive a car, so maybe that's part of the problem. Driving a car is essentially a game in itself, except, if you mess up, you lose your life. Literally. read more→

Microsoft Origami ultra-mobile PC's: any use in the medical environment?

At first, I was skeptical of whether such devices would even occupy the PDA niche, let alone carve its own niche. An article from eWeek seems to think so, though it lightly sketches over the details of how physicians and nurses can use the Origami. They quote a UCSF MD-Ph.D: “I do think there's a lot of interest by physicians and nurses for ultraportable PCs, especially for physicians who split their time between inpatient and outpatient settings and need something that can travel in and out of the hospitals and offices with them.” read more→

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