Defender Sira video games

I miss pixel art!

It all started out with The Games Factory in 1997, when my parents gave that shiny box imported from the United Kingdom. I could make my own computer games! I set out to make a re-creation of the Commander Keen games, a popular PC arcade shooter created a decade ago.

I tried making things “opposite.” I put the scorebox on the right (in Keen, it was on the left). I made Sira a girl (Keen is a boy). And I gave Sira a health bar (Keen had only a handful of lives). It wound up as several hundred lines of events (“code” for The Games Factory), until I put one too many objects — and the program began failing by crashing.

I also made a roleplaying game demo in the style of Albion, in complete 256-color top-down 2D scrolling glory.


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Multimedia Fusion

Nice games!

I think I do remember Sira. Ever thought about returning to Games Factory (Multimedia Fusion today)?

It even saves to iOS/Android/Flash/html5 these days.

  • Chris