Emacs visual cheat sheet

Emacs presents a mighty challenge for those visual learners accustomed to Microsoft Word's comprehensive toolbar, so to help alleviate the keyboard navigation blues, I present to you the Emacs Visual Cheat Sheet. Print it out to access the most common keyboard shortcuts.

The cheat sheet includes navigation commands, the most common commands for Open/Save/Close, working with buffers, searching, and Copy/Cut/Paste edit functionality.

Notesheet-Emacs.pdf349.65 KB

absolutely fabulous :D

absolutely fabulous :D

Thanks, fantastic resource for learning emacs

Hey, Steven. Just wanted to thank you for the emacs visual cheat sheet. I found it on Scribd, and it's great. I'm a new emacs user, and this is a really nice, concise document that introduced me to some useful commands i didn't yet know.

Excellent Guide

This is the best emacs cheatsheet I've seen. As a long time vi user, this is very helpful to make the switch from the modal to the modeless editor.

Thanks! Keep up the good work.