UC Davis: What is the future of telehealth? (part 1)

Numerous industry and economic changes are causing healthcare to incorporate telehealth and mobile health technologies. Thomas Nesbitt, MD MPH, at the University of California, Davis, spoke at our most recent monthly Health IT seminar covering the future of telehealth. He declared that the shortage of physicians, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act with its consequent increased demand for health services, and the Institute of Medicine’s focus on increasing healthcare quality.

We need more than just improvement...We need transformation.

As a result, there will be numerous transformations over the next few years: a focus on population health, treatment at home (versus institutions), integration of services, and increased usage of technology.

Areas where healthcare will transform in the next few years

What was most interesting during this seminar were the business-oriented questions folks asked. Why aren’t we seeing more innovations in the hospital? In the home?

Nesbitt reasons that a lot of innovations driven by private industry are tacked on to the current payment model of revenue per unit — say, per procedure, or per visit. But that will change.

Technology isn’t the barrier. In January 2014, this will accelerate, with incentives against readmissions for heart failure. We’re beginning to use technology in the home. We’re starting to do telestroke with hospitals paying a monthly fee. As we begin to become more captivated, it’ll be five years before you see this routinely used because there’s a lot of inertia to keep current payment model — pay by RVU versus payment by quality.”

And have healthcare providers been satisfied with telehealth technology at all? It’s a mixed bag.

In most places, it’s self-selection: [physicians] who want to do it [will adopt these technologies]. [If you wanted to do a study] you’d look to the VA, where people are forced to do it.”

Younger physicians also tend to like it, and also like the pure consultation model so that the primary care physician can take care of explaining the medications to the patient and taking the phone calls at night for emergencies, while the consultant [can move on to the next patient].”

Dr. Yellowlees noted that physicians aren’t as happy with telehealth technologies: “On the whole, provider satisfaction is significantly less than patient satisfaction.” Why?

  • More administrative hassle. Doing telehealth consultations requires faxing massive records over, b/c EMR interoperability is limited at the moment.
  • Some people really don’t like seeing themselves on TV in a picture-within-picture. This is partially ameliorated by training physicians & providers in media skills to teach them how to be good on television.

I’ll cover some of the future trends he speaks about in my next post, along with a tour of the UC Davis Medical Center’s newest Center for Health & Technology.


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Just after initial landfall

Irene could have been downgraded to a Category one storm. Saturday, a hurricane warning is in impact on the Small River inlet in North Carolina northward to Sagamore Beach, Mass., nike shoes price including the Pamlico, Jimmy Choo Booties Netherlands nike shoes size chart Albemarle, gucci sale shoes and Currituck seems, Jimmy Choo Pumps South Korea discount nike shoeswww gucci com cn Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, Nike Shoes - Clothing Ny city, buy nike shoes Long Island, Jimmy Choo Flats Spain 65% Off Gucci Sale coastal Connecticut and Rhode Island, buy nike shoesGucci - Premium Outlets Block Island, nike shoes online canada Martha’s Winery, Jimmy Choo Boots Netherlands buy nike shoes online and Nantucket.

“Irene continues to be a considerable and perilous storm, Michael Kors Wallets OutletJimmy Choo Daffodil Netherlands Gucci Handbags ” Homeland Stability Secretary Janet Napolitano stated in a information briefing Saturday morning She suggested inhabitants around the hurricane’s route to “hunker down.”

As Irene moved north Saturday, Gucci Handbags President Obama signed predisaster unexpected emergency declarations for brand new Hampshire, Michael Kors Totes Online Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Jimmy Choo Booties Spain making those people states eligible for federal aid to shield property and general public health and wellness and security.

In the meantime, the Federal Unexpected emergency Management Company (FEMA) has positioned eighteen Incident Management Assistance Teams together the coastline to coordinate with point out, tribal and local officers to find expectations and shortfalls impacting likely disaster response and restoration. 6 national urban look for and rescue teams are actually put on warn in case research and rescue support is required. The Division of Health and wellness and Human Products has deployed five Catastrophe Medical related Assistance Groups to staging parts.

Within the Saturday briefing, Jimmy Choo Galaxy CanadaJimmy Choo Sandals Mexico Countrywide Hurricane Middle director Monthly bill Check out reported there is “a substantial probability” of storm surges of forty eight feet. Coupled with 510 inches of rain, he said, the midAtlantic states, Big apple, and New England can assume flash flooding and river flooding.

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