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Guest-writing for iMedicalApps, a mobile technology blog, & covering Health 2.0's Health:Refactored conference

iMedicalApps website

iMedicalApps, a leading blog for mobile applications for physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers, has graciously taken me on as a guest writer for their site. I’m grateful to Satish Misra, a partner, editor, and an internal medicine resident doc at Johns Hopkins, for the opportunity!

You can read some of my articles already up on their site:

Health:Refactored stage

This week, I’m covering the Health 2.0 Health:Refactored developer conference, which focuses on the development and design of health applications, including medical records, mobile apps, and more. It’s a much smaller conference than Health 2.0, but so far the energy has been very high!

I’ll post the articles onto iMedicalApps with Satish’s help, and tweet from both my @StevenChanMD account and the @iMedicalApps Twitter account. See you there!

Putting together Health 2.0 Sacramento's inaugural kick-off

Last Wednesday, we hosted the Health 2.0 Sacramento’s inaugural kick-off to a crowd.

I couldn’t believe the energy in the room.

A few of my new friends in Sacramento and I put together a new group, Health 2.0 Sacramento, to bring together people interested in mobile devices, Internet technologies, and healthcare. With some generous financial support from Health 2.0’s Jennifer Lee, two amazingly talented speakers, one Costco run later with my sweetie, and the Hacker Lab co-working space, we put together the inaugural kick-off event in a few short weeks.

Keisuke Nakagawa talks about his non-profit, Global Health Bridge read more→

New meet-up group Health 2.0 Sacramento launches with end-of-March party

Hacker Lab I’m proud to announce that a group of talented inviduals — plus myself — have started a new volunteer-run group in Sacramento for people who are interested in the intersection of healthcare plus Internet and mobile technology. Keisuke Nakagawa (a UC Davis medical student who founded his own DC-based nonprofit that uses interactive voice tech to advance maternal-fetal health), Jay Sales (a leader at VSP Global’s innovation center), and Gabriela Lee (a leader at the NSF Center for Biophotonics) have banded with me to start this group. We thought that Sacramento needed a way to bring together all of these elements, especially since UC Davis is such a powerhouse in health informatics and is expanding into wireless devices for healthcare.

Eric Ullrich at the newly-founded Hacker Lab co-working space, plus support from Jennifer Lee at the larger Health 2.0 international group, and VSP Global, have helped get us off the ground. We’re indebted to them.

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